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Work in yacht industry helps you to become a member of the "closed club" getting unique opportunities and privileges.

It gives you opportunity to save most part of your income. Lack of regular basic expenses, such as accommodation and food bills, allows you to make profitable savings. Financial stability gives you  freedom to have a comfortable life and be confident about the future.

The full course "Entry Level Yacht Stewardess" consists of 2 modules.

MODULE 1 - Introductory Yacht Stewardess Course

Introductory course is designed to immerse green yacht stewardess into yacht  industry world.

The aim of this course is to give comprehensive exhaustive information to the students about the multitasking stewardess's role on yacht. The main emphasis  is  on definition and description of the functional daily duties on yacht.

 At the end of the course new yacht stewardess should be ready for the next step of her career onboard.

Course duration  -  2 days

Course fee  -  14 000 UAH



Program/Module 1

Introductory Yacht  Stewardess Course

Course Program

  • Demography of  the yacht industry

  • Life onboard

  • Subdivisions on yacht

  • Recommendations about job searching  in yacht industry (CV, visa, where to go, when to go, how to search the job, interviews, expected level of salary, agents)

  • Interior department role

  • Your role as a stewardess

  • Personal presentation, dress code, punctuality

  • Communication and behavior onboard

  • How to behave with guests and yacht owners

  • Interior housekeeping

  • Check-list before the guests arrival

  • Stewardesses schedule

  • Cleaning of cabins and main areas

  • Proper handling of different surfaces, tissues

  • Laundry (guests and crew members)

  • Washing machines and other laundry equipment

  • How to iron and double the guests clothes in a right way

  • Safety on yacht

  • Stain removal products and solutions and their proper use




MODULE 2 - Service Basis Onboard


Despite many new stewardesses already have experience and skills in hospitality additional knowledge is needed because of onboard service specificity. This course covers various types of service onboard the yacht in accordance with accepted standards. Working onboard you are expected to be extremely flexible and meet the requirements of a certain guest (the owner of the yacht).


During this course we teach the fundamental difference between the varieties of service explaining important points of table set-up, serving dishes and drinks.


Deep knowledge about wine and cocktails are acquired with years of experience. But despite this yacht stewardess should be able to recommend and serve wine and drinks.


Course duration  -  2 days

Course fee  -  14 000 UAH


Program/Module 2

Basic Service Onboard

Course Program

  • Service types – American, Russian etc. ( Silver service)

  • Serving of snacks

  • Breakfast set-up

  • Preparation before serving

  • Beverage service ( tea, coffee, cocktails, wine, water)

  • Guest preferences list

  • Introduction to the world of wine

  • Grape varieties

  • Wine regions

  • Wine service

  • Cocktail service


Duration of training to obtain “Entry Level Yacht Stewardess” certificate  -  4 days

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